We empower the research in electrocatalytic fuel generation



Our mission is to accelerate research in green chemistry. We provide a compact commercial hardware & software solution for that.

Our solution enables qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical compounds directly from liquid phase using mass spectrometry.



We provide unique solutions and instruments for various applications:

  • O2 evolution

  • CO2 reduction

  • Electrooxidation of CO and organic compounds

  • Electrosynthesis



For electrochemistry applications, our system includes the Product to Gas Interface (PoGASi), three-electrode electrochemical cells, an electrolyte saturation and flow system which combined with a mass spectrometer represent a perfect solution for operando Differential Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry (DEMS). Our system consists of 3 main parts:

Electrochemical Cells

The LiquidLoop PoGASi technology transforms almost any mass spectrometer (MS) into a versatile and powerful analytical instrument for rapid, precise and online detection of liquids, vapors and gases with possibility to sample directly from the liquid phase.

We offer two different electrochemical  cell options for your applications:


Capillary cell is perfectly suitable for CO2 reduction and organics oxidation reactions. Adjustable sample holder guarantees a very precise sampling directly from the electrolyte on a specific location at the electrode.

Dual thin-layer cell is designed for oxygen evolution reactions. Pseudo-reference electrode is used for compensation.

Electrolyte Saturation and Flow system

Our unique Flow system brings numerous values such as reproducibility, stable baseline and precise quantification.


The system serves for introduction and mixing of reactant gases in desired ratios, ensuring their saturation in the electrolyte, prior to its flow through the electro- chemical cell without bubble formation.

Made by Electrochemists for Electrochemists
Real-time Analysis

Allows system upgrades in the future, such as use of an easily exchangeable extractor operating with non-aqueous solvents, standard connectivity to various types of reaction cells or devices.

Real time observation of reaction products in highly dynamic systems, with detection response < 100ms due to a fast convection-based sample injection.

User-Friendly Interface

Based on LabVIEW-software platform.



LiquidLoop-Spectrometry is a young startup company with an aim to accelerate the energy landscape transformation through directly supporting the research in green technologies.

The revolution in the field of renewable energy storage and conversion technologies relies heavily on academic research in areas such as electrochemistry or biotechnology to provide the optimal materials and processes for fuels or chemicals generation. 

Meet the Team

Dr. Zarko Jovanov


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Business Growth

Dr. -Ing. Jorge Ferreira


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(M.Sc.) M. Onat Güney


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Software Integration

Nemanja Trifunovic

Prof. Dr. Peter Strasser

Intern (Master's student at FU Berlin)

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The breakthrough in understanding and improving the CO2 conversion reactions can be achieved with the high-end device such as LiquidLoop analysis system, offering a real-time and precise chemical analysis of volatile liquid and gas products from a liquid, offered uniquely by our patented “Product-to-Gas interface” technology.

We offer You the opportunity to actively participate in revolutionizing the green energy sector - making a meaningful contribution to carbon-neutral fuels research.

Under­gradu­ate Assist­ant (m/f/d) - Part-Time / Freel­ance con­tract


Head Office


EINS Ernst-Reuter-Platz

Berlin 10623, DE




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please contact us: info@liquidloop.eu 


To apply for a job with LiquidLoop Spectrometry, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: info(at)liquidloop.eu

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