a Product to Gas Interface for the analysis of electro-chemical reactions with

Mass Spectrometer


Liquid to gas detection 

High performance in L2G, V2G and G2G

Multiple inlet system

Complementary scientific experiments

Real time analysis

Plug&play approach

Inlet employed via tube plug-in

Easy connection to any reactor

Modular tool

Full-figured MS analyzer

Compatible to your available hardware

Differential pumping



The modular tool allows the expansion and application of partial pressure mass spectrometers, by granting a direct separation and consequent MS analysis of liquid and gas from any liquid carrier solution. A dedicated liquid inlet module is assembled on a pre-stage vacuum chamber before introducing to any MS system.

The real-time analysis technology facilitates the access of MS analysis for fluids, which is otherwise nearly impossible. Our solution is ideal for laboratory analysis (electrochemistry) or several industries process control.




LiquidLoop Spectrometry - Analytical chemistry
LiquidLoop Spectrometry is a Berlin-based TU Berlin startup in the field of analytical chemistry with partners in academia and industry. Our goal is to develop an in-house inlet tool for mass spectrometry.

Intern collaborator – Startup collaborator as Co-Founder wanted

We’re looking for a Product Design and Development Engineer with skills in automated test equipment and virtual instrumentation software, interested to join as a member of the executive board. You’ll be an integral part of product development, with the possibility of becoming a long-term member of the team.



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To apply for a job with LiquidLoop Spectrometry, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: info@LiquidLoop.eu


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